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28 October 2011


//funny yoo chun!!//
 the rules!
1. u must post these rules.
2. each person must post 11 things about themselves in their journal.
3. answer the questions the tagger set for u in their post. and also create 11 new questions   people u tagged to answer.
4. u have to choose 11 people to tag and LINK them to your post.
5. go to their pages and tell them that they have been tagged.
6. no tag back.
7. no stuff in the tagging section about "u're tagged if u're reading this'. u legitimately(a.k.a trusted with honesty) have to tag 11 people.
11 things about me!
1. kim eun kyung tu nama lama..sekarang park eun kyung!
2. fall in love at first sight dengan PARK YOO CHUN.
3. crazying over PARK YOO CHUN..(i ma crazy fangirl=.=??)
4. suka amik keputusan terburu-buru..
5. sangat-sangat sayangkan 2 ekor arnab saya!
6. manja walaupon umor dah mencecah 16 tahun..
7. dah melupakan kim ki bum(sj) selepas 'jatuh cinta' dengan park yoo chun:).
8. trying to learn about photography!
9. study??malasnya!!!
10. jangan sebut perkataan 'kuantan' depan saya!alergi..
11. believe that friends is everything! 
the questions..from michiko's chan..
1. do you like KPOP? of course..
2. what your favourite band? jyj for sure..
3. your dream? studying in aussie.
4. single or taken? taken by pyc..
5. what's your favourite movie? idk..
6. what's your favourite song? maybe priscilla ahn's(just start to like her!)
7. twitter or facebook? facebook!
8. do u like taylor swift? yes!
9. what's your favourite colour? pink and purple!~
10. what's your ambition? to be a HUMAN!
11. what place do you like? beatiful places such as aussie and south korea..ops, all beatiful places over the world..

my questions...
1. aussie or south korea?
2. do you like lady gaga and justin bieber?
3. are you a kpopper?
4. shopping or sleeping?
5. studying or 'facebook'ing?
6. rabbit or cat?
7. single or taken?by?
8. blue or black?
9. SONY or Apple?
10. who is your first love?
11. your friends or your gf/bf?choose one!
~maaf jika soalan ni merapu dan tidak logik!

sepet mmg kachak
hani nisah
ae cha
lya dania
saufi othman
~jeongmal mianhae if korang tak sukakan tag ni..but,aku just amik nama-nama ni kat shoutbox and also dashboard!!mianhae..mianhae..mianhae!

for you!!


FARAH said...

huhu...baru je kena tagged ..sori ye..

[fatin patin] said...

take :]

fi said...

jyeahh , onthewayy ye kawan baru :)

Mohamad Saufi bin Othman said...

thanks tag... :D insyallah akan buat... :D